Framastatic Fillrods and SEO Ethics – Part 1

What are a framastatic fillrods, and how are framastatic fillrods related to SEO practices? The relationship should be apparent by the time you finish reading this article.

There are numerous ways to maximize the visibility of a web page for a given set of keyword search phrases. Each method is intended to increase the chances that the page will rank favorably for those selected phrases. There is both an art and a science to doing this successfully.

The science of SEO is in the study and understanding of how search engine ranking algorithms (spiders) work, and in the formulation of a set of methodologies that can be applied to a Web page in order to make that page more visible and “relevant” for a given keyword phase. The art behind SEO is in the skillful application of these methods and the techniques developed that have shown positive results over time.

There are, however, numerous tricks intended to deceive the search engine algorithms and artificially boost the rankings for a web page for a certain keyword phrase. Many of these deceptive practices have been identified by search engines and are labeled as
“spam”. Although search engine spam is not quite the same as an annoying e-mail, it still holds the same negative connotations as far as the search engines are concerned. Spam techniques violate a search engine’s rules of ethics and are penalized when identified. A penalty can range from a reduced rank for a single page to a complete removal of all of a site’s pages from a search engine’s database. While the former is a minimal risk, the latter is a serious threat.

There are other methods in use today that were commonly used by SEO professionals a few years ago, but today are hopelessly ineffective—and sometimes detrimental. In all fairness, many of these practices did work two or three years ago and were considered to be acceptable at the time. But due to the evolution of search engines and their algorithms, and their imposition of spam penalties for sites that sought an artificial advantage through deception, the situation has changed.

Read Part 2 for specific examples of methods that are worthy of scrutiny.

Part 1 – Framastatic Fillrods and SEO Ethics
Part 2 – Framastatic Fillrods and SEO Ethics

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