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A Google AdWords™ advertising campaign is a great way to quickly drive qualified traffic to your web site. Our Google AdWords Campaign Management program can get you started. If you have a new web site that is not yet ranking very well, or if you need to supplement your current traffic, a Google AdWords campaign may provide the solution.

Driving 50 visitors per day to your site who are already searching for your products and services is far more valuable than 5,000 random visitors who are not.

With a Google PPC (pay-per-click) advertising program, Google does not charge anything to display your ads. You pay a click charge when a user clicks on your ad and is sent to your web site, but only when someone expresses an interest by clicking on your ad.

AdWords ads are context-driven, which means that ads display only when someone uses your selected search phrases in a Google search, or when a partner Web site with related content displays your ad. You therefore only pay a fee when a potential new customer is sent to your site.

Google Partner Badge With our AdWords Account Management services, we proactively manage all aspects of your campaign. Ads are positioned based upon bids for the targeted keyword phrases. Per click bid prices can range from $0.05 to $50.00 per click. Bid prices for most industries are in the $0.50 to $1.00 range. It really depends upon how competitive your industry is and how much your competitors have already bid up the prices for keywords in order to benefit from the targeted traffic that Google provides.

We require that you either have your own Google AdWords account, or we will set one up for you at no extra cost. If we set it up, you will receive an e-mail from Google with instructions and a link for entering credit card information for click charges. This activates your account. For existing AdWords accounts, you will receive an e-mail that you must respond to in order to grant us access to your account. We then set up your ads and manage the account for you.

There are numerous benefits associated with having your own Google AdWords account:

  1. You retain control of your account.
  2. You can take over or re-assign account management responsibilities at any time. We do not lock you into an extended agreement. You can take control at any time.
  3. Click charges are made directly to your credit card by Google. There are no markups or hidden fees.
  4. Credit card numbers are not visible to an account manager.
  5. You have direct access to a wide range of Google Ad Management reports and tools, plus you can monitor everything we do.

We manage the account for you, but it is your account, not our account. There are no smoke and mirrors, nor are there any secrets about what we do. You can see all the same details that we see regarding your actual advertising costs.

After setting up your AdWords account–or being granted access to an existing account–we work with you to develop a list of keywords. We jointly determine which keyword phrases best represent the products, services or information your company offers. Keyword research is performed using tools offered by Google. This is used to determine the most productive keyword phrases to use to trigger your ads, and the variations of the phrases that will help to drive additional qualified traffic.

As part of the Google AdWords Campaign Management program, we target bids for the most productive and cost effective ad positions. If you want the number one position, it can sometimes be expensive, but there are more cost-effective options that frequently produce more traffic.

When you target your ads for specific customers using effective wording, you get more qualified responders.

The wording of the ads is very important. Wording must be compelling and should differentiate your ads from similar ads posted by your competitors. An effective ad needs to stand out. There are numerous methods for rating the effectiveness of AdWords ads. Ads that are not performing to expectations are periodically re-worded until their performance is optimal.

Cost for Services
The cost is driven by the number of keywords we have to manage and the amount of time it takes to manage your account. There is a one-time $200.00 setup fee for up to 50 keywords (not required for most existing AdWords accounts). We charge a $200.00 per month management fee for up to 50 keywords. 50 keywords is more than enough to cover the pay-per-click advertising needs for most small to medium-sized companies.

For larger accounts, we can provide a written estimate. If you prefer, we will manage larger accounts on an hourly basis as will work within a management budget that you provide.

If you simply require a one-time review and reorganization of an existing AdWords account, we can do that as well on an hourly basis.

Contact us for a quote for larger advertising programs. For larger pay-per-click programs, we can either quote you a fixed monthly rate or an hourly rate.

What we do for the setup fee
Setup includes a thorough investigation of your keyword phrases to assure that we use the best keyword phrases to trigger the display of your ads. We also evaluate the most effective wording for the ads. Choosing the wrong keywords or ineffectively wording the ads will hinder the ability to drive qualified traffic to your web site. These are therefore critical components for effective PPC advertising. The ultimate goal of any online advertising program is not to drive the largest amount of unqualified traffic, but rather to drive targeted and qualified traffic that converts into customers.

What we do for the monthly fee
As part of this PPC ad management program we monitor your ads for effectiveness and reword ads that are not performing to expectations. Keywords are also monitored and words added and deleted as necessary. A monthly spending limit can be set, and ads can be paused when your spending limit is reached. This prevents your advertising budget from getting out of control. With our PPC ad management programs, we treat your ads as if they were our own.

If you wish to set up your own Google AdWords account, click on the white Google AdWords button shown above.

For information about PPC terminology, see our Google AdWords Glossary of Terms page.

Also see our Frequently Asked Questions About AdWords

Google Disclosure: Working with Third-Parties

Top Rank Solutions is located near Phoenix in Mesa, Arizona, and offers Google AdWords account management for clients throughout the United States. Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation regarding your Google AdWords PPC Campaign.