Responsive Website Design & Promotional Video Production

The two newest technology rages on the Internet are responsive web site design and video marketing. Both help draw visitors in and retain them on your site for longer periods of time without the need for expensive marketing programs. Top Rank Solutions now specializes in building responsive design WordPress websites and creating online videos that produce results.

All of our services are flexible and can be customized to meet both your budget and special requirements.

Responsive Design Websites

Responsive design offers a flexible, fluid solution that quite literally makes a single website conform to just about any viewing device. It does not matter if the user has a large screen desktop monitor, a tablet computer or a small screen smart phone. There is no longer a need for a separate mobile website. Regardless of the screen dimensions, a responsive design rearranges the page elements and rearranges page elements where necessary to fit the device.

Our web site offerings utilize WordPress, which is by far most popular content management system (CMS) on the Internet. There are now over 77 million WordPress sites around the world. Nothing can compete with WordPress when it comes to the ease of learning and simplicity in the methods used to maintain these sites. We offer free access to our exclusive WordPress Training Center for site owners who are new to WordPress. We also provide user coaching and support for all the websites we build.

Most current websites can be converted to WordPress. The huge advantage with this technology is that any website owner can add web pages, modify content, and add features to a site without the need to pay a designer or developer to do this for you. That makes WordPress a very cost-effective solution.

Online Video Production – Promotional Videos

This is much more than simply creating YouTube or Vimeo videos. Promotional videos can be easily added to WordPress sites. Video has a strong impact on your users. The fact is that people love watching videos and videos convey information better than any other form of media. Videos work best when you wish to convey a visual experience for your visitors. Our offerings include animated videos, explainer videos, training videos, product advertising, product or service demonstrations, ebook trailers (similar to a movie preview trailer), testimonials and other types of Internet videos.

Strengthen your brand and build customer loyalty by showing them what you do and how they can benefit from what you offer, rather than simply telling them.

Top Rank Solutions is located near Phoenix in Mesa, Arizona, and offers unique customized responsive design websites and a range of cost-effective online video production services.